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8 O'Clock Coffee Service in the Chicago area for convenience stores, gas stations, service stations, restaurants and more

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Into A Coffee Destination!
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Experience the heritage that comes in a cup of Eight O'Clock Coffee. Since 1859 Eight O'Clock Coffee has been enjoyed by generations of coffee drinkers.

Why serve your discerning patrons Eight O’Clock® Coffee? For starters, we are the brand that people know and trust. Since 1859, our great-tasting 100% Arabica Coffees have been enjoyed by millions of Americans.

Unlike many of our competitors, Eight O’Clock Coffee has not sacrificed its quality by cheapening its blends. Perhaps that’s why our coffees are still the leading whole bean coffee and the fourth largest selling coffee brand throughout the United States. That’s why our coffees were also ranked a Best Buy by a leading consumer magazine and why they were preferred by both consumers of stronger and milder coffees alike!

Today, that same quality and consistency of taste can be enjoyed in a growing number of quality-minded restaurants, hotels, offices and convenience stores across the country. Experience the pure flavor and great taste that comes packed in every bag of whole bean and pre-ground Eight O’Clock Coffee – away-from-home.

At Antique Coffee Service, we believe in helping you build your business as a partner. We work with you and your staff to create a comprehensive program that includes the best tasting product, equipment, training and merchandising. Our goal is to help support our customers by bringing their beverage program to a higher level.

Merchandising plays an important part of building sales for your coffee programs. Our marketing expertise will help you grow your beverage business through proven techniques that reach out to the consumer and maximize the selling opportunities. Double your coffee sales! You'll create an eye-catching coffee display with Eight O'Clock® Coffee at absolutely NO CHARGE!

Experience the heritage that comes in a cup of Eight O'Clock® Coffee. Since 1859 Eight O'Clock® Coffee has been enjoyed by generations of coffee drinkers. We all remember going to the local grocery store and having our Eight O'Clock® Coffee beans ground at the checkout counter. We still experience that wonderful aroma today.

During the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, Eight O'Clock® coffees had the reputation as being the largest selling coffee in the entire world. Today, Eight O'Clock® Coffee is America's #1 whole bean coffee!

Eight O'Clock® provides 100% Arabica Coffee in a wide variety of blends and packages, just as it did 140 years ago. Consumers can experience the same nostalgia in each cup of freshly brewed Eight O'Clock® coffee. Smell the freshness! Whether at a convenience store, café, restaurant, or office, Eight O'Clock® is a superior choice for your Food Service venue.

Please email us today at for more details on how Eight O'Clock® can provide turnkey solutions with a great tasting product, impact merchandising, and operational expertise! For more information, go to

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